3 weeks of expert speakers, round table conversations & rich resources exploring feminine embodiment, power, pleasure & how our bodies can be a force for fueling a new future

"Our bodies hold the past, yet shape the future.
What future is your body fueling?"

A free, 3-week virtual conference hosted by Jenna Ward & the School of Embodied Arts

Examining the roots of modern women’s dis-embodied & reconfiguring our bodies to fuel a fresh trajectory for planet & people.

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There is an epidemic of numbness. Do you feel it?
We’ve been isolated this past year. Increasingly dependent on technology to do our living for us. While the earth continues to suffer under a burden too heavy for her to carry.

How did it get to this? And is there still hope for us to find a new way? We believe so.

For the past 500+ years, humanity has suffered under the silence & shame of feeling not enough (various forms of patriarchy) while our bodies have labored under the never-ending list of things to do and people to care for (as coerced by capitalism).

In order to create a new trajectory forward, we need to shift out of numbness & into vibrant sensitivity. We need to move out of our heads and return home to our bodies.

We need an embodied revolution.

Women in full personal mastery of their power & pleasure. Women committed to letting that power ripple out wide and far. This power is needed to innovate our communities, our earth, our economy. It is our way forward.

Our Conference Explorations…

Our 3-week virtual conference is an opportunity to open the enclosures & make the magic of embodiment accessible to all.

We’ll be asking big questions, in body-centered ways.

  • How did we get so dis-embodied?
    Why have our bodies internalized a tendency to numb out & dissociate? What is the cultural & collective history of this dis-embodied-epidemic? 
  • How do we fully reclaim our bodies?
    We break down reactivating more of our infinite (yet often dormant) potential through the skills of embodiment
  • How can we affect meaningful change for our culture & the future?
    We live in complex, messy, critical times. Together we’ll explore how we can meet these challenges, stay hopeful & practically let our ripple grow wider as a humble embodied activist.

Who is this conference for?

Women (in the widest sense of the word), coaches, practitioners, entrepreneurs, somatic and embodiment seekers & anyone interested in the intersections of how our bodies hold the past & shape the future

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Join us for...

Interviews with Substance
exploring embodiment, feminism, feminine economies, cultural somatics, environmentalism, movement & more

Roundtable Discussions
for real-life perspectives & storytelling with practicing Feminine Embodiment Coaches

Practical tools, resources
& reading recommendations to keep and turn theory into lived wisdom.

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About The Hostess...

Hoi! Thanks for being here. I look forward to connecting 👋

I'm Jenna Ward (she/her), an Australian Feminine Embodiment Coach living in Holland. Since 2015 I've been living/breathing/teaching the embodied arts & in 2018 founded the School of Embodied Arts.

Working with hundreds of women, across every major continent, has confirmed (for me) the immense need for the skills of feminine embodiment - in our own lives & our communities.

This conference came about from our desire to explore the intersection of power & pleasure through feminine embodiment as a force for change personally AND for our planet. So that we might each do our own small part in embodying the change Mother Earth needs from us.

See you at the conference 🖤 Jenna

We acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi (Kabi Kabi) people as the traditional owners of the land and waterways on which our Australian HQ rests. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures & people.


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