Working The Embodied Way

Virtual Workshop with Jenna Ward

Somewhere beneath the pressure of perfection, the never ending to-do-list  & the outdated paradigms of 'how to be successful' that we're constantly being sold, lives a different way of working...

A body-honouring, femimized way of actualizing our passions. I call it Embodied Entrepreneurship.

Im in! Sign me up baby ✨

Figuring out how to work effectively, strategically & pleasurably isn’t an easy task.

So many of the models of 'success' that we're socialized to adopt encourage 'hard work' as the key to getting where you want. But this method of meritocracy isn't the whole story...

We have to consider the feminine-flowing half of our human equation. A powerful force.

Yet the feminine can also be a recipe for swirling chaos, constant change & all the feels in ways that never actually moves us forward...

It's a head fuck of an equation to solve. Yet it's essential to explore if we want to show up - in embodied ways - to birth beautiful work into the world...

In this workshop with Feminine Embodiment Coach Jenna Ward, we'll explore the Principles of Working The Embodied Way.


  • 3.5 hour workshop including teaching, somatic embodiment practices & Q&A
  • Pre-recorded video available for immediate download
  • You'll also keep all slides, handouts & frameworks to download & keep

This workshop is for you if...

You’re all procrastination and/or perfectionism...


Do you get advertisements for software & apps to help solve procrastination and perfectionism issues? I do. It disproportionally annoys me because (spoiler alert!) an app isn’t going to create the change that’s required at the heart of these ‘issues’.

When we peek under the hood of procrastination and/or perfectionism we find a complex web of cultural ideologies, demonization of bodily sensations, and missed opportunities for working with our wisdom (instead of against it).


>>> In this workshop, we’ll unpack where these procrastination & perfectionism tendencies come from & how to work with them in body-honoring ways.

Your personal feminine/masculine dynamics are screwing with your work


Maybe you’ve come from a hyper-masculine go-go-go background. Our culture indoctrinates us to treat our bodies as machines to produce & ‘hack’ our energy so that we can get more done. Except, you’re not down for burnout as a side effect of work (any longer).


Or perhaps feminine flow is your nature, yet you find it difficult to contain and direct this watery energy. While inspiration abounds, an excess of feminine can feel like you’re never actually moving anything forward.


>> In this workshop, we’ll explore the role of both these inner energies & get clear on how to use them both.

You know there is no one path to success...

I ain’t going to be sharing with you 7 steps to 7 figures. There’s no way that my way of working will work for you, or be the right combination for your unique desires, body & the work that wants to come through you.

Instead, we want to understand the foundation principles of HOW WE WORK so that we can show up as sensitive, embodied, empowered humans that get out of their own way (with more ease) to let the work actualize in the world.

>>> In this workshop, we’ll redefine 'The To Do List' & shift it into a useful, sensitive scaffolding for getting more done with flow.

You feel like a multi-passionate "imposter" that isn't cohesive in their actions...

Doubt, confusion, challenging decisions & feeling like an "imposter" can arise (seemingly almost constantly!) in our path to acutalize.

In order to shift from constriction, we need to 'calibrate' our bodies back to our (divine natural state) of flow.


>>> In this workshop, we'll learn the Feminine Embodiment practice of 'Calibration' for you to use at home

Kind words from past participants...

"Fabulous workshop. This has been really valuable. I feel refocused, fizzy with excitement, and empowered"

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for this workshop! Looking forward to continuing to soak in this."

"Marvellous workshop, I really love all of this Jenna, thanks for sharing the realness of life, living and embodiment…."

"This workshop has been AMAZING, so many insights and learnings so much landed for me. "

"Loved this workshop so much & I have so many more takeaways, will ponder and percolate…. So so grateful Jenna for you and this modality of feminine embodiment, life-changing 🙏❤️."

"The Embodied to-do list is awesome! Many, many thanks! Highly (practically) inspiring!"


We offer a scaled pricing structure so that more people may access the workshop, supported by the collective & those who have access to more than enough resource. In this way we work towards economic & class justice on a local level.

Please choose the price that feels most appropriate to your circumstances.

Supported Access


For those with currently limited financial resources who will benefit from access supplemented by the community.

Join for $109

Fair Access


 For those with sufficient financial resources and who can pay fair value for the experience.

Join for $149

Rebalancing Access


For those with more than enough financial resources & desire to support access for others to help re-balance systemic inequity.

Join for $189

About Jenna...

Hoi! Thanks for being here. I look forward to connecting 👋

I'm Jenna Ward (she/her), an Australian Feminine Embodiment Coach living in Holland. Since 2015 I've been living/breathing/teaching the embodied arts & in 2018 founded the School of Embodied Arts.

Working with hundreds of women, across every major continent, has confirmed (for me) the immense need for the skills of feminine embodiment - in our own lives & our communities.

Combined with my decade+ long experience as an entrepreneur, I've come to unravel much of my internalized burnout-orientated culture & returned home to feminized ways of actualizing my work that continue to create multi-dimensional success (money, creativity, impact, expression & more). I don't have it all figured out - but I've come a long way & I'll be sharing the best of what I practice in our workshop.

See you there 🖤 Jenna

We acknowledge the Gubbi Gubbi (Kabi Kabi) people as the traditional owners of the land and waterways on which our Australian HQ rests. We pay our respect to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures & people.


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